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RIPS inside paper




In the project Rips everything comes from a gesture, to tear the paper to investigate the inner fiber, making it emerge a hidden surface. Thus the fiber of the paper becomes a metaphor of the body fiber of life; only in a second moment gold and black arrive, this coincided with a very precise event, which abruptly stimulated the artist’s reactivity: the terrorist attack in Paris on November 14, 2015. That same day the artist will realize 130 Tears, symbolically representing the 130 victims of that tragic day, with which he will compose the homonymous work, visible in the exhibition.




The color in the wounds goes to fill that unveiled fiber, highlighting its material aspects, and symbolically communicating with gold the splendor of life, with black the mystery, the unexpected, the transience, the unknown. “The gilding of the wrinkled surface of detachment describes the beauty and indiscriminate wealth of life.




The subsequent practice of creating single stretches of a single tear in series has acquired for me a strongly positive character, of daily, unpredictable and precious discovery of human existence “so the artist describes this project, a gesture of dissent, but one that it converts into a positive sense, which reveals a poetics of sublimation of existence, in support of memory.